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The frustration of where the cables go when you wall mount a flat panel tv

Jean Aw
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Jean Aw
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wall mounts
How do you mount yours? Best Buy Composite

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Anyone who flipped through the ads in the Sunday Paper would have seen SO many gadgets being pushed for Dads & Grads. There was an underlying guilt that surged through me as i flipped through them over breakfast... I only got my dad a book... and a card. Was i supposed to have gotten him a new phone? laptop? digicam? TV? And then suddenly I was lost browsing the many options of 30-60" plasmas and lcds... 720p vs 1080p... so, I gave up and went and chatted with my dad, the family house is long overdue for some upgrades in the TV sector (we really need about 4 to replace all the ancient ones around). So techy details were discussed, from what size, to what specs, to which brands, to which DirecTV packages would be best, and how installation would be... and so on and so forth... until the designer in me kicked in, and we got stuck wondering How do you hide the cables?

So, browsing all of the various options on BestBuy, and randomly searching the internet for wall mounts, we sat there staring at the perfect place for the future 55", and couldn't decide where the cabling would be run if you didn't want to have it coming out from within the wall. So that got me wondering, where DO people hide them? Do lots of homes have their cables exposed in their multitude of colors which probably don't match the paint job on that wall so nicely? Have magical wireless solutions to this situation shown up yet? Do you simply run a conduit on the wall? What's the cleanest solution to all of this? And if you have that mounted on an empty wall with nothing beneath, where do you put the tivo, dvd, xbox, and so forth... how do you plug things in and out of the back of the TV when its mounted up there and you want to show a slideshow off your camera?

So how do YOU do it? And still have it be gorgeous?