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Show off how much of a Fortnite fan you are with $725 Balenciaga hoodie

Or save some money and buy a T-shirt for $495.

Fortnite merch can be a little pricey
Fortnite merch can be a little pricey.

Fortnite's latest collaboration can put a real dent in your wallet. The popular battle royale game partnered with Spanish luxury brand Balenciaga for in-game skins and physical apparel that cost more than a PS5

Publisher Epic Games and Balenciaga's collaboration starts Monday at 5 p.m. PT (8 p.m. ET) with the Balenciaga Fit Set for Fortnite. These in-game outfits are based on actual designs from the luxury brand and will be available for purchase from the game's Item Shop, although prices have yet to be listed. There will also be Balenciaga back blings, pickaxes gliders, wrap, sprays and an emote as part of the collaboration with some being unlockable via in-game quests. 

Where we dropping? It's called fashion. Look it up

We're dropping in looking fabulous. 

Epic Games

Along with the in-game outfits, Balenciaga will also release a limited-run of Fortnite clothes on its website on Tuesday. Like much of the brand's items, prices aren't for the faint of heart. They include:

For players who want to show off the latest in-game fashion, Epic will set up the Strange Times Featured Hub. The hub goes live on Tuesday at 7 a.m. PT (10 a.m. ET) until Sept. 28 and lets players try on different outfits and talk with others about fashion.