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Everything I'd Bring to a White Lotus That You Need For Your Next Trip

Even if you aren't staying in a White Lotus resort, you can certainly pack like it. Here are some fun items for your next vacation.

Charlotte Maracina Associate Writer
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Charlotte Maracina
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Some families spend New Year's Day celebrating with others, but I spent mine binging seasons 1 and 2 of The White Lotus. As I sat on the couch preparing to watch my 10th episode, I began to wonder: If I was visiting a White Lotus resort, what would I pack? I'll admit that's an odd thing to wonder while someone is about to be murdered on screen but I couldn't help but think about everything a person would need to pack for a stay at such a luxurious resort. 

Although I travel regularly, my experiences couldn't be more different from those of Jennifer Coolidge's character, Tanya McQuoid. I've stayed in hostels, slept on couches and spent nights camping when I couldn't find a place to stay; Tanya probably doesn't know what a hostel is. After finishing both seasons I began channeling my inner Tanya McQuoid and spent time researching the best items to bring on a five-star vacation. 

Before I could even make my hypothetical packing list I began by finding the absolute best, over-the-top products to pack my clothing and other essentials in. Once that was secured, my packing list began. Below are all of the items absolutely necessary for every White Lotus guest -- and they're perfect if you want a touch of luxury on your own vacation. 

Luxurious suitcases

Before you can even begin to pack, you need something to pack it in. 


No guest of the White Lotus arrives without at least five outfits a day for their trip, so they'll need luggage fit just for that. That's where Delsey Paris' Chatelet Air 2.0 collection comes in.  

This collection includes a full sized suitcasecarry-on and more luggage essentials. My personal favorites are the beauty case and underseat trolley, both items totally unnecessary for a weekend trip but absolutely essential for a stay at a five-star resort. The retro design of the suitcases will suit the old money aesthetic of every White Lotus. 


Looking for some extra storage? Another great addition -- and one that I'm positive no White Lotus guest thinks twice about -- is Calpak's Compakt large garment bag, which will unfold to hold your garments and more.

Travel pillows


I'm not convinced the pillows at a White Lotus resort would meet my standards, which is why I'd need to bring my own. The Tempur-Cloud pillow can roll up to fit in any suitcase and adjusts to your head's every need, making it the first item on my packing list. 


If you want the best travel neck pillow for that torturous flight to the resort, then I recommend the TravelRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow available on Amazon. Yes, I'm sure even Tanya McQuoid would shop at Amazon of all places for this amazing neck pillow. 

Travel safe

This one's a given. When you're traveling with thousands of dollars' worth of jewels, cash and family secrets, you're going to need somewhere to store them. Even if you're more like me and you're only traveling with one expensive bracelet you spent years saving up for, travel safes always come in handy. 


This cash box, available on Amazon, includes a combination lock and is available in three different sizes. Obviously guests at the White Lotus would need the largest size, what with all the skeletons they need to lock up in their closets, but I own the smallest size and it's just big enough to hold my $5 bill, knock-off designer bracelet, keys and phone. 


I prefer to keep my valuables on my person. If that's more up your alley, that's where a fanny pack comes in handy. The best fanny pack I can recommend is the Lululemon Belt Bag. It can comfortably hold sunglasses, jewelry and other items while still looking stylish. Not to mention, Lululemon is a reputable brand name, and it'll keep you up to par with other guests of the resort while also keeping all of your belongings close to you.

Only the best bathing suits

OK, now let the packing begin. Where do most of the guests at Hawaii's White Lotus spend their time when they're not in the bedroom? The pool. This is why you'll need no less than a dozen bathing suits. Sydney Sweeney's character Olivia Mossbacher wouldn't be caught dead in a bathing suit that doesn't follow the latest trends. As anyone on TikTok knows, three-piece bathing suits are all the rage: You can't possibly wear a bikini without a matching sarong. 


I recently bought the Soly Hux bathing suit on Amazon and have yet to find a more affordable set to top it. The three-piece set comes in several different patterns and sizes while only costing $27. 

For Love and Lemons

I've recently been obsessed with For Love and Lemons. For a long time I only bought dresses from its website, but I recently bought this one-piece that'll be the envy of other guests. 


Revolve has been stepping up its swimsuit game with hundreds of tops, bottoms, one-pieces and cover-ups available in a variety of styles. The Talulah knit mini dress from Revolve is on the top of my packing list for my next vacation.

Fancy dinner outfits

One of my favorite things about going on vacation is the feeling of coming back to your hotel room after a day in the sun, showering and changing into a nice outfit for dinner. Then, of course, the golden hour photoshoot in the new outfit. While some guests at the White Lotus would only wear designer clothing for dinner, I found some great vacation dinner outfit options that won't cost $3,000. 

White House Black Market

My favorite thing about this jumpsuit from White House Black Market is how versatile it is. The jumpsuit can easily be dressed up with some accessories or dressed down with just a denim jacket and converse. So many vacation outfits come in bright floral patterns making them hard to wear in daily life, but you could easily wear this jumpsuit to a fancy hotel restaurant or to your favorite local spot.

For Love and Lemons

For Love and Lemons is stocked with dozens of clothing options for your next trip but the Rosalyn Maxi Dress was the one that caught my eye. I love the lace and simple floral pattern, which adds some character to the dress.