Fashion for gadgets, Singapore-style

Fabrix tailors its cases and sleeves to specific tastes and needs.

John Chan
Crave Asia

Accessorizing gadgets is an addiction, and it can sometimes be a chore as well. Finding the right bag, sleeve, case, or even screen protector for your music player or notebook can be a harder decision than choosing the device being protected. Here's another company that may complicate the decision even further: Fabrix, a made-in-Singapore brand of cases for tech products.

Fabrix seems to have its focus on design. For example, all its iPod cases are slip cases, which mean you have to remove the player to view a video or to change the volume--a no-no for people who'd rather not ever have to fiddle with their protective gear. And if your notebook--say, a ThinkPad X300--isn't listed as one of its laptop case sizes, you can just key in your model and corresponding dimensions and Fabrix will make one for you that'll fit.

If you are one of those fashionistas who would rather die than be caught wearing the same piece of clothing as someone else, this company's limited run of notebook and iPod cases might just tickle your fancy. Fabrix will be collaborating with some Singapore-based artists to create this batch of cases and should be available in the coming months.

(Source: Crave Asia)