Family Truckster carries real Griswolds on a new vacation

"National Lampoon's Vacation" comes to life when a real Griswolds family hops into a Family Truckster and goes to Disney World.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Griswolds with Truckster
The other Griswolds stand with their Family Truckster. Gene Duncan

It's been 30 years since "National Lampoon's Vacation" arrived in theaters. In honor of the auspicious anniversary, a family of real-life Griswolds jumped into a custom-made avocado-green Wagon Queen Family Truckster and hit the road.

Instead of aiming for Walley World in Los Angeles, they went with the real-world destination of Disney World in Florida.

Steve and Lisa Griswold packed up their two daughters into the freshly finished custom. Griswold is their real name, and Steve decided to do something about all the remarks he's heard about it over the years. A custom car shop in Georgia turned a boring old brown station wagon into the gloriously ugly car from the movie. "The detail is unfortunately quite accurate," Lisa says.

Those details include eight headlights, a gas filler door on the hood, wood paneling, a luggage rack, and a silver crown hood ornament. Most people customize cars to get a vehicle that looks cooler. The Griswolds went in the opposite direction. The vehicle should have many years of embarrassing the Griswold daughters ahead of it. Just wait until prom night.

The Family Truckster isn't completely movie-accurate since it does have some technology amenities like a DVD player and Bluetooth. Fortunately, these Griswolds didn't have a dog named Dinky along for the ride, so everyone arrived safely at their vacation destination.