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'Fahrenheit 451' film adaptation to heat up on HBO

Ray Bradbury's classic novel about a futuristic book-burning society will get the HBO treatment.

Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" is a sci-fi classic.
Simon & Schuster

"Fahrenheit 451" often appears on school reading lists as an example of dystopian literature. Teachers everywhere will soon have a fresh film adaptation to screen for their students.

Entertainment Weekly reports HBO has confirmed a new production of "Fahrenheit 451" is in development, but the company is keeping details under wraps.

Director Ramin Bahrani ("99 Homes") confirmed his involvement on his Facebook page. He writes, "Happy to team with HBO on a project I've wanted to do for some time, 'Fahrenheit 451.'"

Ray Bradbury's classic came out in 1953. The novel peered into a future American society where books are illegal and subject to seizure and burning. It follows the story of Guy Montag, a "fireman" book-burner who begins to question his profession.

It's been many decades since the book was last adapted for film. Famed French director François Truffaut brought a version to theaters in 1966. Bradbury died in 2012.

It may seem a little surprising that the book has gone so long without a major film adaptation. Go to YouTube and search "Fahrenheit 451" and you will find a host of DIY book trailers, many created by students as literature class projects. It should be interesting to watch HBO's production shape up, especially as casting is announced.