Facebook post leads to murder retrial

Two brothers who were sentenced to life for murder may be set free after a Facebook post leads to doubt been cast on their convictions.

Chris Matyszczyk

I am not sure that all's well that ends well.

Sometimes, you just want things to end and then decide if all can ever be well.

This might be the case with the Highers brothers.

Twenty-five years ago, they were convicted of the murder of Robert Karey at his Detroit home. They say they're innocent.

In 2009, a friend called Mary Evans happened to think of the Highers brothers when she was posting something to the Northeast Detroit Alumni Facebook page.

She told My Fox Detroit: "(All) I said was it's too bad or it's sad that the Highers brothers are in prison for life, and that there just started this domino effect."

Someone who saw that post began remembering that he'd heard the Highers weren't actually murderers. For whatever reason, that person began to search for witnesses.

This led to new evidence being presented from those who were allegedly at the scene.

The result was that last week the Highers' murder conviction was overturned. They are still in jail. There will be another hearing August 13.

Prosecutors still argue that this might all be part of some conspiracy to free the two men.

However, the Highers' lawyer and family seem to believe that the two men will finally be released.

Sometimes, it really is remarkable what happens on Facebook.