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Facebook Live hit its peak on New Year's Eve

Millions of people had the same idea to live stream the last seconds of 2016.

Here's to another lousy year.
21st Century Fox / Illustration by Alfred Ng/CNET

You may have been alone on New Year's Eve, but at least there were plenty of Facebook Live streams of other people having fun to watch.

New Year's Eve was the biggest night for Facebook Live since the streaming service launched in April, the social network said in a blog post. Predictably, millions of people around the world took their phones out and counted down to midnight for their friends on Facebook to see.

Here's a graph on when each region peaked at its total broadcasts on New Year's Eve.


The US East Coast had the highest number of Facebook Live broadcasts at midnight, followed by Western and Central Europe. Folks in the US Pacific time zone, who were among the last to ring in the New Year, were not as excited as the other regions to whip out their phones and welcome 2017 on Facebook.

Facebook did not disclose exact numbers on how many live streams there were on New Year's Eve, nor did it share how many people were actually watching on Facebook Live during its biggest day ever.

If you weren't interested in seeing your friends drunkenly counting down, there was a more wholesome option available. WFLA, a news channel in Florida, decided to skip the ball drop and the champagne toast in favor of a birdcam on an eagle's nest. It received 612,000 views during New Year's Eve thanks to two eagle eggs hatching.

It just goes to show you, when in doubt, just put a bird on it.