Facebook app turns movie clips into messages

VooZoo service allows Facebook users to send each other clips of films from the Paramount archive; studio hopes it will help sell movie DVDs.

Richard Defendorf Staff Writer

Paramount Pictures and application developer FanRocket announced a service for Facebook users that will allow them to send movie clips to each other. The clips, which are sent as messages and last from a few seconds to several minutes, are intended to help recipients "relive the moment" in a familiar film, a studio executive told the Associated Press.

The service, called VooZoo, certainly takes message ornamentation a step or two beyond the emoticon, letting the "stars do the talking," as the FanRocket site says. I'm not sure, though, that some Facebook users will be familiar with some of the titles in the Paramount/VooZoo archive, which ranges from The Ten Commandments to Breakfast at Tiffany's to Beverly Hills Cop. Paramount said it has not set revenue goals for the project, but a button that appears at the end of each clip allows the recipient to purchase a related movie DVD.