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Ex-AMD sales chief lands at Freescale

Freescale Semiconductor hires Henri Richard to lead sales and marketing. And AMD loses another senior executive who reported to Richard.

Henri Richard, who last month left his job leading Advanced Micro Devices' sales and marketing, has taken a similar position at another chip company, Freescale Semiconductor.

Henri Richard AMD

Austin, Texas-based Freescale announced Richard's appointment to senior vice president and chief sales and marketing officer on Wednesday. "His expertise in developing customer solutions will accelerate our growth initiatives and build on Freescale's strong market position," Freescale Chairman and Chief Executive Michel Mayer said in a statement.

Since Richard's departure, more changes have taken place at AMD. Rick Hegberg, senior vice president of worldwide sales and an executive who reported to Richard, also is leaving, AMD spokeswoman Cathy Abbinanti said Wednesday.

Hegberg's departure is part of a move by AMD to flatten its management as the company shifts power from his office to regional sales and marketing offices, she said. There was "mutual agreement that he leave to look for other opportunities," she said.

"This is a shift to put increased responsibility and authority more within the regions. We're trying to create a flatter organization for AMD around the world," she said. "The ultimate goal is to be closer to our customers and drive efficiency for business operations."

Regional sales executives now will report directly to the office of CEO Hector Ruiz, she said, adding that the company already had moved to the model with China and its sales chief, Karen Guo.