Evoke Flow radio keeps it classy, portable

CNET reviews the Pure Evoke Flow, a portable Wi-Fi radio with a quality design and touch interface.

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Yes, it looks like Darth Vader's lunchbox, but the Evoke Flow Wi-Fi radio from Pure is far from menacing. As an updated take on a classic tabletop radio, the Evoke Flow ($299) goes far beyond the FM dial to bring in thousands of Internet radio broadcasts and podcasts from around the world.

For the money, the Evoke Flow doesn't pack as much value as Logitech's Squeezebox Radio, but it does offer some notable advantages. For example, it lets you go primitive with a built-in FM radio, in case you're out of Wi-Fi range. It also has a higher-grade construction quality, using a durable farmed wood enclosure, instead of the black plastic we typically see. And though both the Evoke and the Squeezebox Radio can be powered from an optional battery pack, the Evoke Flow's metal handle is more suited for toting from from room to room.

The Pure Evoke Flow was originally due to go on sale starting July 1, but has since been pushed back to August 1.

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