EVGA's InterView: Two screens for the price of...three?!

Is EVGA's $650 dual-screen monitor worth it?

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Eric Franklin
EVGA InterView Dual Monitor System
From this angle the screen almost looks like sunglasses, with cold, dead eyes watching you underneath... Josh P. Miller/CNET

They say that once you've had two displays, you'll never walk away. (Well, I don't know if they actually say that, but i think you get the idea.) From my time spent with the EVGA InterView Dual Monitor System I'd tend to agree. Having two screens at my disposal really does seem to increase my productivity. Being able to write on one screen while referencing another--as I'm doing now--really makes for an efficient working environment.

The most unique feature of the display is its ability to rotate each screen back 180 degrees. While the casual user may not have much practical use for this, the business user, especially those who conduct plenty of office meetings, could probably come up with a number of justifications for owning this.

For its purposes, the only real stumbling block is price. At $650 you're going to need lots of justification to convince your IS department that your livelihood depends on owning this. Check out my full review of the EVGA InterView Dual Monitor System to see if that price is worth it. Also, check here for the latest CNET LCD computer monitor reviews.

Now to go buy my IS manager that long overdue lunch.