ESPN analyst's Super Mario ringtone goes off on air

Just as he's telling the world who will win the Final Four, ESPN's Doug Gottlieb hears his cell phone go off in his breast pocket. It makes for quite a TV moment.

Chris Matyszczyk

Perhaps it's happened to you in a meeting or on a date. Perhaps you're one of those inconsiderate people who never obeys the plea to silence your cell phone in the movie theater.

But you might think that, before you go live to present your Final Four predictions on ESPN, you might have remembered to turn your cell phone off.

Not everyone, it seems. For here is Doug Gottlieb, who used to play for Oklahoma State as well as Notre Dame, inadvertently creating one of the more touching technological moments in TV history.

When he hears Super Mario calling him, Gottlieb tries to act as if he can get through this without his eyes even leaving the screen.

Yes, he happened to just be talking about efficiency. Then the phone rings and Gottlieb says: "Look at that. That never happens."

But it does. And Gottlieb actually takes the phone out of his breast pocket, looks down to see who's calling, while simultaneously discussing the merits of the Kansas Jayhawks.

Fellow presenter David Lloyd-- perhaps amused, perhaps appalled-- walks over, grabs the phone and takes it off set, while Gottlieb carries right on, hoping that you thought this was all part of the show.

We are all weak. We are all vulnerable to lapses of technology. But the important thing is: Will the Florida Gators win it all? I wonder what Super Mario thinks. Let's call him, shall we?