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Episode 584: Pirate like a monkey

If you're a music pirate, it follows that you're also a monkey. It's just logic, people.

It's not your fault you're a pirate. You've just been trained to download songs from illegal BitTorrent sites, sort of like how you can train a helper monkey. In fact, most likely you are a monkey. Logic. In other news, Steve Jobs says you can have your pesky third-party iPhone applications, but not until February. Why February? Logic.


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S. from Iran
Google search fro your brain.

Jared in Virginia
Jason fans call themselves what we want.

Anonymous Musician
My thoughts on unlimited music

Cell phone durkadurka
First off, when I saw the show title I thought you were going to talk about Team America. You didn't. :( Anyway, that sound from cell phones is particular to GSM phones (Sprint, AT&T, etc). CDMA phones such as Verizon's do not freak out speakers. Also, it affects magnetic fields, such as those in microphones and speakers. So it is possible that Tom's cell affected the mics and the speakers.

Brick term, misuse of
I've noticed that the term "brick"--as in "Oh crap I've bricked my iPhone!"--is being misused.

To brick means you have created a terminally and irreversibly dead electronic device. It's no longer a device, it's only functional as a dead weight. You've probably flashed over the boot-loader firmware, so it will no longer accept new firmware.

This hasn't happened with the iPhone in any of the cases I've heard you talk about. They are always reflashable with new firmware.

Just be careful how you use the term "brick" OK. There are engineers out here. Be kind to us.


I'm suing Apple!
WTF--another price drop!!

I want my $3.30 back from my iTunes Plus tracks!!


Thank you,
Robert Hazelrigg

iPod Touch jailbreak for PC
Just thought I'd let you know that there is a way to easily jailbreak from the PC. There was one even before AriX even made iJailbreak. It's called touchFree and I wrote it. In fact, AriX messaged me on the MacRumors forum, and I gave him the source code for my version to help him out. If you look in the iJailbreak distribution, you can see that his script bootstraps into some of my code to do the setup on the Touch itself.

I'm glad AriX was able to deliver an automated iPod touch jailbreak utility to the Mac community, but I have to admit I'm slightly disappointed in how my version hasn't gotten any media play, even though I created the technique used. Perhaps it's because I'm not 13 years old (I'm 21).

Oh well. The current version of touchFree is hosted at Slovix. Please mention it to your listeners, many of whom use PCs I'm certain.

I'm also a long-time listener of the show (honestly, your penetration is a little startling), but I haven't been listening lately due to spending almost all my waking hours hacking. I'm just catching up now, and that's why this e-mail's a bit late.

I'll go by my handle for this e-mail,


YouTube copyright filter
I know that the big, bad copyright holders don't like the idea of having to give up a full copy of their content in order to filter by it. The idea of using fingerprints works pretty well in certain situation, but fingerprints tend to be generated using hashing algorithms, so if you were to take the file and reencode it with a different codec, the fingerprint is no longer valid. Similarly something as small as changing the ID-3 tags in an MP3 could render the original fingerprint useless. By insisting on using full content copies, Google can perform a more rigorous filtering process.

Peace out, Holmes!

Dave from Ireland

Culture of ownership?

I was listening to episode 582, and Culture of Ownership is already taken, it's business dogma.

A Stake in the Outcome: Building a Culture of Ownership for the Long-Term Success of Your Business.

Perhaps you could refer instead to a:

  • Civilization of claims
  • Posse of possesorship
  • Humanity of holdings
  • Union of use
  • Clique of custody
  • Roundup of retention
  • Gang of gatherings
  • Platoon of paraphernalia
You get the idea.

Love the show!


Reading my email!
I was bored at work and otherwise might not have noticed this, but did you say that CNET TV reads my e-mail? Like how the CIA and FBI and other three-letter government agencies "supposedly" do? Stay out of my inbox, CNET TV! Some of that stuff is private. Others...well...feel free. I mean if you want to read about what I'm having for supper or that my wife wants me to pick up milk on the way home, I guess you can. But the plans for world domination? No. That sort of thing is too private.

Love the show!

Eric, the graphic designer from Minneapolis (No, not him, the other one)