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Episode 582: Robot love

Sure, Universal Music is taking on iTunes, and the iPod Touch got jailbreaked, but we're more concerned with robot love.

It's Monday, so hold on to your seats--we get a little off-topic. We touch on Universal wanting to give you music for free, wind our way through the iPod Touch getting jailbreaked (jailbroken?), and end up talking about robot love. Like I said, it's Monday.


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David from New York
Molly's wikipedia article update.

Culture of ownership?

Pretty sure that you guys have already read Tom Krazit's post on iJailBreak. Just wanted to let you guys know that AriX and I (me being the one who indeed helped him a slight bit in terms of development, writing the press release, getting the site and Google Code setup, etc.) are frequent BOL listeners (in fact, I was played on the show a few weeks ago concerning the possible ties between the Vista forced reboot and Skype's crash), and we would really appreciate a shout-out of some kind.

We want to liberate the entire iPod Touch community (that has OS X, anyway) and show them the greatness of third-party apps.

Love the show--keep up the great work! And thanks in advance!

Ben and AriX (from Philadelphia)

Google's new jet--corporate air force for emergency comm?
Now, I'm a little skeptical about Google's purposes about their acquisitions of late, but I can see a good reason for the new Boeing jet that the Goog purchased: consider a mobile broadband/ad hoc "communication lift" effort for areas in separate need.

< movie-guy_voice >
Imagine, a city of more than 1.5 million Internet users that all of a sudden suffer a catastrophic communication meltdown (da-duuuuhhhh!). Oh, wait--is it a bird, Superman, Time Warner, no--it's Google 700 MHz emergency mobile broadband fleet to create a tightly knit and astoundingly fast wireless communication network to bring people back into the glow of their LCD monitors.

Little girl: Thanks Google--you helped my find my new puppy online! :)

Broadband Lift Commander (BLC): Another fine job completed team!
< /movie-guy_voice >

OK, OK--I jest...a little. It could seriously be used in post-natural disaster areas. I'm just sayin', connect the dots, ya know?


VoIP is already taxed
Dear Jason Shepard, Molly Kristin, and He-who-did-not-reveal-his-middle-name:

This morning I was listening to last Friday's podcast while walking in my neighborhood and I suddenly blurted out loudly, "VoIP is already taxed!" Luckily, it didn't appear that there was anyone outside, so I think no one heard me.

We've been a Vonage customer for three years now. Here's a listing of the charges on our most recent bill:

Residential Premium Unlimited Plan for (21/Sep-20/Oct) $24.99
Regulatory Recovery Fee $0.99
Emergency 911 Cost Recovery $0.99
Sales Tax $1.94
Federal Universal Service Fee $1.76
State Excise Tax $0.69
State Franchise Surcharge Sec. 184-Access $0.10
Total Amount $31.46

This is in New York, and obviously some of these are state taxes. They've changed over the years. Our first bill (same base price, three years ago) was only $27.24 and charged the following taxes/fees:

Regulatory Recovery Fee $1.50
FET Tax $0.75
Total Amount $27.24

However, my husband has Skype-in and Skype-out, and I don't think he was charged any taxes on that.

Sadly, we have started a home business and now desire to be listed in the yellow pages. The cheapest way to do that is to have a business landline phone number. The Vonage number won't do it, neither will Time Warner Cable's digital phone. We could get one of those services and pay to advertise in the various yellow page directories, but it's cheaper to get a landline, and that gets you in all of the directories (there are at least three, all vying for market share out here). So after three years as happy VoIPers, we're going back to The-Big-Telecom-That-Must- Not-Be-Named. :-( But we're keeping Skype for long distance.

Melissa Jane in upstate New York

Dick Van Dyke? Pah!
In response to Cindy's voice mail at the end of today's episode, there is actually a flying car earlier than what she mentions. How about that small-known movie known as The Absent Minded Professor, circa 1961? Fred MacMurray was cruising the skies seven years before Dick Van Dyke came along.

Love the show!