Episode 574: Ripping is stealing

When you rip your CDs, are you ripping off artists? Sony BMG says yes; yes, you are. Also, we talk with Grooveshark CEO Sam Tarantino.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
5 min read
The head of litigation for Sony BMG says ripping CDs is essentially stealing. Well, that makes me wonder if playing CDs is also stealing. At least, playing a CD twice is stealing, right? Where have logic and good sense gone? Meanwhile, we celebrate the launch of new Zunes and some cool features in the Microsoft players, as well as coming tweaks to the Zune store. Also, look for our interview with Grooveshark CEO Sam Tarantino in today's feed!


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Mike from New Jersey

Amazon Guy
Can't redownload tunes in Amazon.

Adam in SLC
DirecTV channels.

John from Alabama
Netflix chat.

All hail the laserdisc!
I'm not buying any Blu-ray or HD DVD until one wins the war. I know a guy that has a room full of laserdiscs he bought back in the day. We should go skeet shooting with those bad boys. That would be fun.
Jacob from Austin, Texas

Netflix and 'Heroes'
This is Paul from Irving, Texas, and I was so excited about something worthy to call you about and then to hear myself I was amazed.
And then you go ahead and give me my first "well, actually."
In Episode 573, you mentioned played my voice mail and then commented that it would be last season of Heroes. Well, actually, I am also pointing out that it appears to be covering this season as well. You can go on there and see that Heroes Season 2, "Four Months Later" is already up there. I have not watched it yet, but the fact that it is even there is awesome.
Love the show,
Paul from Irving, Texas

NBC removes 'iPod' from their promo
I watch the podcast NBC Nightly News and during the midshow promo, they usually have this promo: "We're everywhere...including your iPod..." Now the video shows what looks like a Zune, and it says "We're everywhere...including your digital device."
Steve M.

Proof of Radiohead's 'free' album
Here is my order confirmation. Rest assured that I will go back and buy it again for very much of the money:
You should print this page as your order confirmation. This transaction will appear on your credit card bill as WASTE PRODUCTS LTD. or a shortened version of this.
Order Number WAS4242937
Order DateWed 3rd Oct 2007
Your NameEvan *****
Your Address*******
New Zealand
DescriptionQty Each Total
Download1£ 0.00£ 0.00
Order total£ 0.00
Evan C.

You can't get Radiohead for free
Hello Buzz team,
I noticed someone mentioned in the last episode that you could put in 0 pence for the Radiohead album. This is very true, but since they didn't go through to the end of the order form they missed that there is a 45p ($1) charge placed on all purchases of the album for administration cost. So actually, the lowest price you can get the album for is 45p.
Just thought I would let you know.
Keep up the good work.
Dave Redfern

iPod integration in jets
Hey BOL,
I have seen the mock-up integrations of the iPod into our cabin. We are running into a lot of problems now that our customers have iPhones and all the iPods were revised.
Not to mention the headaches associated with this: "Apple's new iPods don't play nice with last-gen video accessories."
BTW, Molly it is pronounced "Dasso." Dassault is a French company--now excuse me, I must finish my croissant and cafe.
Jimmy in Little Rock

Few things regarding episode 573
Hey TMJ,
Few short things regarding episode 573:
1. Tell the DMCA dude (and everyone who has ever had anything taken down off of YouTube or whatever) about www.chillingeffects.org. The DMCA is a flawed law, I grant you, but it is extremely easy to fight a take-down notice, and has severe penalties for companies that misuse DMCA take-down provisions. I grant you, not everyone is a lawyer who has time to fight these things, but a person learning about the law is never a bad thing. Just like most of the RIAA lawsuits, these copyright bullies will pass on any actual litigation if you just put up any type of fight. Don't forget, the law can work for you too!
2. I called Earthlink, in response to the new commercial for freestanding DSL in Verizon areas. This was a pretty hilarious situation actually, as that the phone number was answered by a recording that kept asking me for my home phone number. As that I was calling about freestanding DSL, I don't have a home phone number, nor do I want one. It took probably five minutes of giving more and more ridiculous answers before the recorded lady transferred me to a real person. Sadly, this did not solve anything. I was told repeatedly that DSL is based on the phone lines (duh!), and I needed a phone number. I explained what freestanding DSL was and also explained that I didn't want or need a home phone line and was calling in response to an advertisement! However, I was told that DSL requires a phone number, and there was no way they could help me. Talk to your Earthlink peeps and get this straightened out, yo!
Seriously, I don't know what I'd do without you guys!
Chris the attorney in DC

Ryan's ISP
On shows 572 and 573, Ryan, the hip hop music site guy, successfully interacted with his ISP after receiving a DMCA take-down notice. Who is his ISP?
Li Xindi

Is it just me?
OK, Apple introduces new iPods, and the Apple site resounds with the joy of the new product. Microsoft announces new Zunes, and what do we find at the Microsoft.com? A 30-year-old picture of Bill Gates announcing a free download of Visual Studio Express. And they wonder why no one's buying the Zune!
Dennis O.
Powell, Ohio

You've corrupted my daughter
Greetings from Germany,
First off, I love the podcast. As an American working overseas, your podcast is one of the things I really look forward to. It's almost like a little slice of home.
As I often listen to Buzz Out Loud while driving around, my 17-year-old daughter and her friends will be listening in as well. The other day, my daughter and her friends were describing an incident where they witnessed someone going on a tirade over something.
Normally this would not be worthy of a e-mail, but out of nowhere, my daughter described this person's long outburst as "Molly Rant." Worse yet, several of my daughter's friends agreed, saying, "Yeah, she totally did a Molly Rant."
So there you have it, the Molly Rant is now part of my daughter and her friend's "hip" vocabulary. Just thought you would like to know.
Keep up the good work.