Episode 37: Always On returns with Galaxy S4, Surface Pro, eye tracking and more!

It's our Season 4 premiere, and we finally get to unbox the Galaxy S4! Plus, we're kicking off an epic summer season of road tests, vacation torture tests, and future tech. Buckle up.

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Welcome to Season 4, everyone! It's only been a few weeks since we said goodbye, but it's felt like a lifetime. We've been busy planning and shooting the upcoming summer season, and seeking out the tech wonders of the world to keep the Always On train in constant motion. This season we've got it all! We'll be road-tripping in pimped-out RVs, opening up the biggest phablets of them all, road testing everything from the Chromebook Pixel to action cameras with motorcross pros, and even visiting NASA's newest space exploration vehicles. Plus a serious summer vacation torture-test trip to Hawaii! So stay tuned...

This season jumps off in the right place with an unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Despite Molly's serious beef with Samsung's over-the-top press conference in New York a couple months ago, the phone is pretty slick. It's packed with features and really sets the stage for competing smartphones to come. We're excited to have one in house so we can thoroughly put it through the paces. And, yes, that includes a serious torture test later in the season.

Next up, we put the Surface Pro in the hands of the people. We rounded up three techies to take a few days and see if the Windows 8 tablet could handle their everyday lives. The results were mixed as usual, but it seems like the Surface Pro is a step in the right direction for Microsoft in the ever thickening tablet crop.

Eye-tracking tech goes to a whole new level. It's Future Tech!
Eye-tracking tech goes to a whole new level. It's Future Tech!

It only took us one episode this season to get back to tech involving eyeballs. This time, we delve into the eye-tracking movement. It's starting to pop up in everyday gadgets (like the Galaxy S4), and is playing an even bigger role in gaming and the medical field. We caught up with the guys at two of the technology's leading companies, Tobii and EyeGaze, to get a closer look. We even Skyped Jeff without saying a word or moving a finger!

That's all for this week! Thank all of you for keeping up every season. It's good to be back. See you next Tuesday!