Yes, downloading SoundCloud songs to MP3 is possible without using a sketchy downloader

Here's how to save MP3 tracks from up-and-coming artists, as well as old favorites, legally.

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Want to download music from SoundCloud? We'll tell you how.

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Downloading music to MP3s has changed a lot since the early 2000s. Thanks to services like Spotify and Apple Music, we're not hovering by our desktop -- powered by dial-up -- waiting for a single song download from a suspicious website anymore. While we can stream music almost all the time from any location, downloaded music is still useful in spots without Wi-Fi or for working offline. 

If you're on SoundCloud -- a music-sharing platform where users can upload, promote and listen to music -- you can also download songs, but not all artists on the platform for up-and-comers in the music scene allow you to legally do so. 

Here's what to know about signing up for SoundCloud and downloading music on the platform.

How to sign up for SoundCloud

1. Open the SoundCloud app or in a browser on desktop.

2. Sign up with your Facebook account, Apple ID, Google account or a separate email. 

3. Enter your age and gender (optional). 

4. Click continue and write in a display name.

5. Click continue and you'll be taken to the SoundCloud discover page.


Downloading from SoundCloud is pretty easy, but it's not always free. 

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Why can't I download songs on SoundCloud?

Most downloads only work if you've upgraded to a paid subscription. For $5 a month, SoundCloud Go offers a seven-day free trial, ad-free listening and unlimited song saves for offline listening. For $10 a month, SoundCloud Go Plus offers a 30-day free trial and the same features, as well as access to the platform's full catalog and more tools. After you sign up, you can get SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go Plus by clicking Upgrade at the top of the web or mobile app.

Some artists might've uploaded their music without allowing downloads, so not all tracks will have the option. Some artists will indicate that download is an option in the song's title (so you don't have to click the More icon over and over). 

The artist might also list the track as a free download, which means you don't need to subscribe to one of SoundCloud's paid tiers. You can type "free download" in the search bar to find qualifying tracks. 

How to download music with SoundCloud Go

1. Open the SoundCloud app.

2. Upgrade to SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go Plus if you haven't already. (You'll typically need one of the premium accounts to legally download music, unless the artist you're searching for offers free downloads.)

3. Search for an artist.

4. Choose an album.

5. Tap the download arrow or the three-dot settings icon. 

6. Choose Download (if you tapped the download arrow, the download will begin automatically).

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