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WWE Wrestlemania 35: Results, ratings, surprises and new champions

It was the best Wrestlemania in years.

The first ever women's main event at Wrestlemania lived up to the hype.

Wrestlemania 35 is done! The biggest wrestling show of the year was headlined by the first ever women's main event. A triple threat match that pit Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey against SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair against Becky Lynch. And the winner (revealed below) walked away with both titles. 

That was only the first of three major title matches. Noted human death machine Brock Lesnar faced Royal Rumble winner Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship, while Kofi Kingston got his first ever singles shot at the WWE Championship when he took on Daniel Bryan. 

With over a dozen matches, these three championship bouts only scratched the surface. We also saw the return of Batista, Kurt Angle's retirement match, Roman Reigns' first Wrestlemania match since returning from his bout with leukemia and, amazingly, much more.

Below we recap the event as it happened. Needless to say, spoilers ahead!  

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Becky Lynch defeats Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair

The crowd may have one match worth of excitement in them yet. Fortuitous timing, because it's main event time. 

Flair is taxied to the stadium in a helicopter. She steps out, takes off her leather jacket and has her lackeys bring over a patented Flair sparkle cape. Rousey is out first, played in by Joan Jett. Rousey smiles at the band, then gets her killer face on. Flair comes out to fireworks, and "The Man" Becky Lynch steams in last.  

The crowd is all about Lynch. Remember, both Rousey's Raw Women's Championship and Flair's SmackDown Women's Championship are on the line.

Rousey kicks things off with punches to Lynch. Rousey kicks Flair out of the ring. Rousey is the monster of this main event. Lynch and Flair work together to take out Lynch. Flair and Lynch end up alone in the ring. The crowd is well and truly alive again, chanting "Becky" and booing everyone not Becky.

Rousey returns to the ring. Flair and Lynch try a double power bomb on her, but Rousey counters with a double armbar over the ropes. Lynch escapes and dropkicks Rousey out of the ring. 

Flair goes for a moonsault on Lynch but Lynch counters into a Disarmer armbar. Rousey re-enters the ring and puts Lynch in an armbar. Flair breaks it up with a solid knee to Rousey's face. Flair hits Rousey with a million chops, then backhands her to the face. Rousey goes for a flying armbar.

All action. So far so good. 

All three women are in the ring. Lynch hits an exploding suplex on Flair from the top rope. Rousey hits a off-the-top-rope splash on both and starts Judo throwing everyone. Double armbar on Lynch and Flair. Lynch and Flair counter with a double powerbomb on Rousey. Rousey holds the armbar. Two more powerbombs breaks the hold.

Lynch and Flair have an exchange, leaving Lynch alone with Rousey in the ring. Lynch hits the Disarmer on Rousey. Rousey powers out. Flair is back. Off-the-top-rope Spanish Fly from Flair to Lynch gets a two count. Flair kicks Lynch out of the ring. Flair works over Rousey's leg, which immediately bruises up. Flair puts a figure four leglock on Rousey using the ring post before Lynch breaks it up.

Flair puts Rousey in a Figure Eight leglock in the center of the ring but again Lynch breaks it up, this time with a flying leg drop. Lynch brings out a table. The crowd is happy. The table gets set up in the ring. Rousey kicks it over, the crowd is furious. She pummels Lynch. Flair spears both women. Double two counts. 

The table is now setup by one of the turnbuckles. Flair spears Lynch for a two count. Michael Cole has no voice left. Flair tries to spear both Lynch and Rousey through the table but ends up going through herself. Lynch and Rousey square up in the ring and the crowd pops big. 

Rousey goes for a Piper's Pit slam but Lynch counters into a crucifix pin for the three count. Becky Lynch wins both the SmackDown and Raw Women's Championships. After the match, it was reported Ronda Rousey broke her hand during the bout

Rating: 3.75 stars. Excellent opening and middle, but the match's ending came out of nowhere. Just as it felt like we were going to get a satisfying ending segment the match ended. The fluke win over Rousey will likely lead to a future rematch, but it was a weak ending to a Wrestlemania main event. 


Becky Lynch wins all the gold.


Finn Balor defeats Bobby Lashley 

When Finn Balor first unveiled his Demon Finn alter ego in NXT back in 2014, the first thing that came to my mind was "wow, imagine what a Demon Finn entrance at Wrestlemania would be like." Today is that day.

Hello, Demon Finn.


Balor starts with a spinning wheel kick, a scissor kick and a shotgun dropkick. Kicks galore from Demon Balor. Lashley comes back with a slam and a suplex. Lashley sends him outside. Balor hits a slingblade and a shotgun dropkick into the barricade. Lashley spears Balor out of the ring, then hits another one in the center of the ring. Two count.

Balor powers up, hits a powerbomb on Lashley and a Coup de Grace. We have a new Intercontinental Champion. 

Rating: 2.5 stars. Lashley' spear was spectacular, and Balor's powerbomb was impressive. It was a short match though, and the crowd at this point only cares about the main event.

Kurt Angle loses to Baron Corbin, retires

Baron Corbin, Kurt Angle's opponent, comes out first. People aren't keen. Fans hoped Corbin would get a last-minute replacement, but it doesn't appear to be happening. 

Corbin hits Angle with some punches and generally whales on him. Angle mounts a comeback, hits a three German suplexes. Angle gets him in an ankle lock but Corbin powers out. Corbin hits him with a Deep Six slam. Angle hits an Olympic Slam for a two count. Angle takes off his straps and puts Corbin in the Ankle Lock. Corbin powers out again. 


Kurt Angle farewells his last Wrestlemania crowd.


Corbin gives Angle a "you can't see me" taunt. Angle goes in for more german suplexes. Crowd wakes up and cheers for Angle. Angle goes for a reverse moonsault but Corbin moves out of the way. Corbin hits an End of Days to win the match. The MetLife Stadium collectively shakes its head. 

After the match Angle gets on the mic and asks the crowd to walk him out by chanting "You suck." The best and worst of WWE in this match.

Rating: 2 stars. No one wanted this. 

Triple H defeats Batista

Shawn Michaels is out for what is being touted as potentially Triple H's last match. Two SUVs come out carrying Batista and his entourage. Batista is so great. Physique wise he looks the same as he did five years ago which, at 50-years-old, is impressive. He trips while stepping through the ropes. Not a good omen. Kumail Nanjiani, of Silicon Valley fame, is at ringside.

Triple H's entrance is Mad Max: Fury Road-themed. He comes out on the back of what can only be described as a death mobile. It's time to play the game. 

Triple H on his death mobile.


The two are outside within seconds. This is a no-holds-barred match, meaning anything goes. Triple H finds a toolbox with a thick chain in it and promptly whips Batista. Nice and easy start. Triple H brings out a pincer tool and crushes Batista's fingers with it. If Saw was PG-14 and set in a wrestling promotion, this would be it.

Triple H throws Batista in the ring and hits him with a chair. Then he tears Batista's nose ring out with pliers. This is actually pretty gross. At the very least, you can't say Batista isn't dedicated to showbiz. Batista eventually gets some offense in, slamming Triple H twice on one of the announcer's tables. Batista throws Triple H into the barricade three times. Crowd is tired.

Batista throws Triple H around the ring a few times. Triple H rolls out and Batista hits him with the steel stairs. Batista puts the steps on top of one of the announcers' tables. Batista goes for a Batista Bomb, but Triple H counters with a back body drop onto what is possibly the most reinforced announcers' table of all time. Triple H gives Batista ye' ol' crotch chop and spears him through a third announce table.

Batista goes in the ring and Triple H brings out his sledgehammer. Good times ahead. Triple H goes for a hammer shot but Batista hits him with a spear. Batista takes the hammer and goes for a shot, Triple H kicks him and takes the hammer. Triple H goes for a hammer shot but Batista counters with a spinebuster. Batista hits a Batista Bomb for a terrific near fall.

Batista brings the steel steps into the ring. Triple H gets the upper hand and powerbombs Batista into the steps and then hits a Pedigree. Two count. 

Ric Flair, who Batista attacked in the lead up to this match, appears. He slips a sledgehammer to Triple H and distracts Batista. Triple H hits Batista with the hammer, Pedigree and 1-2-3.

Rating: 3.75 stars. Lots of tricks here. Chairs, tables, sledgehammers, nose rings. The match was hurt by a tired crowd, but still great. This was a memorable way for Batista to go out.

If you're going to hit someone with a sledgehammer, do it with style.


John Cena, PhD, returns

It's now time for Elias to do whatever it is Elias does. There's an Elias in the ring playing guitar with two titantron Elias'. Amazingly, the crowd cheers. The real, in-ring Elias plays a riff from 7 Nation Army. Elias says WWE stands for Walk With Elias. The crowd is with him. This is all setting up a spectacular beat down, surely. 

It's like 2003 again, and we're OK with that.


And spectacular it is. He's interrupted by the Doctor of Thuganomics, 2003 John Cena, Cena is wearing a Yankees jersey and has his Word Life knuckle busters. This is awesome. Cena, wearing a pair of Reebok sneakers he must have kept in a safe somewhere, gives a "freestyle" rap. It was also awesome. Worth the price of admission alone.

Roman Reigns defeats Drew McIntyre

Scottish drummers are here to play in Drew McIntyre. These two could have a great match but will have to contend with a crowd who just hit a high during #KofiMania. Reigns' music hits to cheers. This is his first Wrestlemania not in the main event since Wrestlemania XXX.

Announcer Corey Graves says Reigns, who just returned from leukemia, is fighting for anyone who has ever been seriously sick. Reigns and McIntyre exchange hard-hitting strikes before the latter hits a spinebuster. McIntyre beats on Reigns. They end up on the outside. Reigns misses a drive-by dropkick. Back in the ring, McIntyre hits a reverse Alabama Slam. 

The crowd is into the match but is showing signs of exhaustion now that we're three hours into the main show, and it's been five hours since the preshow started. McIntyre slaps Reigns which kicks Reigns into berserk mode. Reigns hits a drive-by dropkick on the outside and then a Samoan drop. 

Reigns hits a Superman Punch and sets up a spear. He hits it and gets the three count.


Roman Reigns wins his Wrestlemania return.


Rating: 2.75 stars. Nothing wrong with the match, but the crowd is tired and the ending was anticlimactic. 

Samoa Joe retains the United States Championship

The United States Championship is on the line. Rey Mysterio comes out as Mysterio from Spider-Man. 

The two come in hot, with Joe hitting Mysterio with a big boot. Mysterio hurricanranas Joe into the ropes and hits a 619. Joe counters a splash into a rear-naked choke. Samoa Joe retains. 

Rating: No rating. This one was too short to really count as a match. They'll likely have a great rematch on SmackDown or at the next pay-per-view. 

Kofi Kingston wins the WWE Championship

It's time for one of the biggest, most anticipated matches of the night. Wrestlemania, don't you dare be sour...

Crowd is very up on Kingston and very down on Bryan. This is the hottest the crowd has been all night. The two start with chain wrestling before Bryan retreats. Some more back and forth action ends with Kingston in a painful-looking surfboard submission. 

Bryan ends up outside. Kingston does a springboard dive, but Bryan moves out of the way. Kingston crashes into the announce table and potentially kills himself. 

Kofi Kingston nearly kills himself.


Bryan works over Kingston's back, including a flying knee from the top rope to a hanging-on-the-top-rope Kingston. Bryan hits running dropkicks on Kingston. Kingston tries to counter with a dropkick of his own, but Bryan does an awesome counter into a Boston Crab.

Kingston starts mounting a comeback and the crowd is hype. Kingston hits a great top-rope splash on Bryan as Bryan is trying to stand up. Crowd is getting even more hype. Kingston goes for a Trouble in Paradise, Bryan tries to counter into another Boston Crab but Kingston rolls out and cradles Bryan. They exchange more cradles and Bryan tries and fails to lock in the Labelle Lock. This is easily the match of the night so far. 

Bryan sets up his Busaiko Knee but Kingston turns it into an SOS DDT, which Bryan then counters into a Labelle Lock. Kingston reaches the ropes, to a huge pop from the crowd. Bryan hits his Gatling kicks, Kingston hulks up. The crowd is buck wild. Kingston hits a reverse DDT for a two count. 

The New Day brawl with Rowan on the outside. Bryan goes for a dive on all three but Kingston hits him with a punch and sets up the Trouble in Paradise. Bryan ducks and hits his Busaiko Knee for a two count. Bryan stomps on Kingston's face and puts him in the Labelle Lock. 

Kingston escapes and gives Bryan the same face stomps Bryan gave him moments ago. Kingston hits the Trouble in Paradise and gets the one-two-three.

Rating: 4.5 stars. The best WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania since Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 31. Awesome, awesome match.



The IIconics win the Women's Tag Team Championships

Paige, of Fighting With Your Family fame, is out as guest commentator here. The Boss 'n' Hug Connection, still the worst-named tag team in wrestling today, take on The IIconics, Nia Jax and Tamina, and Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Beth and Natalya get walked down the ring by Bret Hart in a cute moment. 

Bayley and Tamina start off. A few neat spots early but the match settles into a rhythm. Natalya locks in a double sharpshooter on the Boss 'n' Hug Connection at the same time, but Tamina levels her and then the brutes Tamina and Jax dominate like two bears versus a group of puppies.

Jax and Tamina take to the top turnbuckles to try and drop a mammoth double splash but Phoenix takes out Jax in the nick of time. Phoenix sets up Bayley for the Glam Slam from the top rope but the IIconics sneak in for a win. We have new champions, guys. 

Rating: 3 stars. Enjoyed some of the big spots in this match and a real good showing from Phoenix in her return match, including the huge Glam Slam. Clever finish to lift the IIconics above their middling status, even though they entered dressed like they were going to a high school costume party. Happy times for the WWE Universe.

Shane McMahon defeats The Miz

The Hall of Fame class of 2019 come out for their bows. DX get their own entrance. Shane O'Mac's match is up next.

Shane comes out first and makes announcer Greg Hamilton introduce him as "The Best in the World" multiple times. The match starts with chicanery, as Shane goes outside to accost Miz's dad. Notoriously stiff Shane pummels Miz with some painful looking boxing potatoes. Miz starts bleeding. 

The match quickly goes awry as Shane lays Miz on the announcer's table to set up his flying elbow. Miz's dad comes out of nowhere to protect his son. The Miz's father enters the ring. The crowd likes it. Shane starts beating on Miz's dad, then Miz comes in and takes down Shane.

They brawl outside before Miz goes back to the ring to check on his dad, who is down and out. Miz's dad is now a wrestling meme.   

Miz goes back into the crowd to brawl with Shane. This is a Fall's Count Anywhere match, for those who forgot (me). Miz hits Shane with a chair shot, puts him through a table and then strikes him with... the roof of a golf cart. They're in the crowd though, so most of the crowd can't see them properly. 

Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on a camera stand for a two count. Shane then climbs up the structure, which Miz then suplexes him off. They crash through what's obviously a padded mat area. The two are knocked out, but Shane is on top of Miz, technically a pin, and gets the three count. Lame.

Rating: 2 stars. Miz's dad was the highlight here. Some OK brawling, although the golf cart roof was a nice touch, and an underwhelming finishing sequence, considering what Shane is here for

The Usos retain SmackDown Tag Team Championships

We get a Lacey Evans walkout before The Usos come out for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match. They'll defend against The Bar, Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev, and the team of Aleister Black and Ricochet. 

Crowd is noticeably quieter for this one, but the action is good. With four teams and two people in the ring at any time, it's also too fast to recap. 

Crowd comes alive when Ricochet enters the ring and works his magic with Cesaro. Cesaro does his Cesaro Swing on Ricochet as Sheamus clubs... everyone. Awesome moment. Cesaro puts Ricochet in a sharpshooter, but one of the Usos breaks it up with a superkick.

Black and Rusev end up the legal men. Black kicks the hell out of Rusev. Black is awesome. I wonder if we could be friends. Probably not. He tags out Ricochet, who I probably couldn't be friends with either. Rusev hits a swinging slam. All eight guys end up on the turnbuckle for an eight-person superplex spot. Ricochet hits a 630 on Sheamus, goes for the pin but it gets broken up by multiple guys. 

Ricochet's 630. Beautiful.


The eight guys trade finisher moves. Good stuff. Usos hit stereo splashes on Sheamus to retain. 

Rating: 4 stars. The crowd started soft but ended loud. Lots of great action in this match. It was a spotfest for sure, but a fun one. 

AJ Styles defeats Randy Orton

Jerry "The King" Lawler is out to commentate the next match. It's AJ Styles versus Randy Orton. This could be a great one.

Chain wrestling to open the match. Orton goes for an RKO, AJ avoids. Crowd is hot on AJ, but there are some solid Orton chants too. Orton works on AJ's legs, but AJ mounts a small comeback with a beautiful dropkick. Orton rolls out the ring, AJ hits him with an over-the-top-rope forearm. After some outside action Orton rolls AJ in for your first headlock of the night. 

Some back and forth action, including an Orton powerslam. Standard Orton pace here, slowing things down after the frenetic opener. AJ locks in a calf crusher in the center of the ring, but Orton gets the ropes. He's a long-limbed man. Orton fights out but is selling his knee. Styles fakes a Phenomenal Forearm, leading to Orton going for an RKO and falling on his back. AJ hits a springboard 450 for a two count. Cool spot.

After some more back and forth, Orton hits the best superplex I've seen in years. A European uppercut then knocks AJ out of the ring. AJ's selling is on point tonight. Orton sets up an RKO, AJ counters with an enziguri but then Orton actually does hit an RKO. Two count. 

Orton goes for a top-rope RKO. AJ sneaks out from underneath, hits a Pelé kick and Orton rolls out the ring. AJ hits a phenomenal forearm on the outside. He rolls Orton in, lands another phenomenal forearm for the win.

Rating: 3.5 stars. Well wrestled. What you expected it would be, but not what it could be.

Seth Rollins defeats Brock Lesnar

The two get into a brawl before the match starts. Lesnar hits an F-5 on Rollins outside the ring and generally wrecks shop. Lesnar brings Rollins in the ring and demands the ref start the match. Before the ref can, Lesnar throws Rollins back outside. Lesnar logic.


The Beast is your first Wrestlemania surprise. 


The ref rings the bell. Lesnar hits a few german suplexes and goes for another F-5. Rollins counters and the ref gets knocked down in the process. Rollins hits a low blow and then a curb stomp. Then another. Then another. 

Three curb stomps lays out The Beast for a three count. Rollins wins the Universal Championship clean.

Rating: 3 stars. Hot segment to start the show but not much of a match. You can never be sure with Lesnar, but the way this bout went makes it seem like he's headed for UFC.   


The show starts with a major title change.


Alexa Bliss, the official host for the night, opens the show. She says she can create a Wrestlemania moment with a snap of her fingers. She snaps her fingers and out comes Hulk Hogan. It's like Wrestlemania XXX all over again -- but without The Rock or Steve Austin. 


Hulk's back.


As Hogan and Bliss are flexing, out comes Paul Heyman. If Brock Lesnar isn't on last, Heyman says, he's on first. There's your first Wrestlemania shock.

Preshow results

Wrestlemania's two-hour preshow had four matches, one of which crowned new champions. Here are the quick results.

Andre The Giant Men's Battle Royal: Braun Strowman wins by last eliminating SNL's Colin Jost.

Raw Tag Team Championship match, The Revival versus Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins: Curt Hawkins breaks his 269-match long losing streak as he and Ryder become Raw tag team champs. 

Wrestlemania Women's Battle Royal: Carmella wins by superkicking Sarah Logan out of the ring. 

Cruiserweight Championship match, Buddy Murphy versus Tony Nese: The cruiserweights kick off Wrestlemania in a match that saw Tony Nese dethrone Murphy and become the new cruiserweight champion. 

Originally posted on April 7.