With Kevin Feige in as Marvel chief creative officer, TV head reportedly exits

Now that Feige has creative control over everything, Jeph Loeb is said to be on his way out.

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With Kevin Feige in charge of all things Marvel, it will be exciting to see him work his MCU magic across the board in movies, TV, comics and more.

Marvel Studios

Last week brought news that  Marvel Cinematic Universe  visionary Kevin Feige has been promoted to chief creative officer over all of Marvel Entertainment, including TV, comic publishing and film. Now, as the  Marvel Studios president moves up the ladder, comes word that Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb might be stepping down. 

"Sources say Loeb has been working on a transition plan to exit the company and is expected to formally announce his departure by Thanksgiving," according to The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday. More sources told Variety that Loeb is "expected to leave his post as head of Marvel Television in the coming weeks and is in the market for an overall deal with a new company."

Neither Disney nor Marvel immediately responded to a request for comment.

Loeb is best known for his work on the TV side, including current shows Agents of SHIELD on ABC, The Runaways on Hulu and Cloak and Dagger on Freeform. His division also oversaw the recently canceled Netflix Marvel shows such as Agents of SHIELD,  Jessica Jones , Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist.

Feige's promotion means he'll control all of the Marvel movies, TV shows and comics , which have been a separated effort for a while. Feige will still operate as the president of Marvel Studios, leading the MCU into Phase 4 of live-action films and Disney Plus TV shows which includes Black Widow standalone movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie, WandaVision, and more. 

Considering 10 years ago Feige fought with Marvel Entertainment just to get creative control over the movies, it's interesting to see him receive full creative control over all Marvel properties. It's a big change, but he's earned it. 


Years ago, Kevin Feige fought Marvel to get actor Robert Downey Jr. cast as Iron Man.

Marvel Studios

Under Feige's leadership, the MCU has become a huge franchise, grossing more than $26 billion at the global box office over the last decade.

With Feige now calling the shots, this could mean fans will get even more unexpected Marvel projects like an all-female superhero Marvel movie and hopefully more Disney Plus TV shows catering to all kinds of Marvel fans including women, people of color and the LGBTQ community.

No word yet on what Feige's new promotion could mean for his dream to work on a future Star Wars project

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This article was original published on Oct. 15. 
Update on Oct. 22, 11:43 a.m. PT: Adds reports that Jeph Loeb is out.