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Watch a Star Wars Jawa honor Eddie Van Halen by shredding on electric guitar

A Jawa plays the song Eruption in this impressive fan-made stop-motion video that pays tribute to the late guitarist.

Animator Thomas J. Yagodinski crafted the clever Star Wars-themed homage to the late guitarist Eddie Van Halen.
Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Jawas in the Star Wars universe are best known for scavenging wrecks for robots, vehicle parts and any kind of metal they can scrap and sell. But what would happen if a Jawa came across an electric guitar and got to show off his shredding skills?

YouTuber and animator Thomas J. Yagodinski crafted an impressive Star Wars-themed homage to the late, great guitarist Eddie Van Halen, who passed away in 2020. 

In the stop-motion animated video, a Jawa named Edward Lodewijk Van Halen re-creates Van Halen's song Eruption painstakingly, note for note.

"Edward Lodewijk Van Halen was a virtuoso, innovator, intergalactic legend," the Jawa says before rocking out on his 1:4 scale miniature guitar.

The music video was created via stop-motion -- think Robot Chicken style -- by stringing together numerous photos of the Jawa puppet playing guitar. Yagodinski posted a behind-the-scenes video of his process on Instagram

"This was insanely fun to make, especially taking the solo apart, frame by frame, to replicate as closely as possible to the actual shredding," Yagodinski wrote. "Plus, I flippin' love Jawas!! RIP to the maestro, may his music live throughout the galaxy."