The Venom trailer slimes its way online and finally shows Venom

Fans who complained about only seeing Tom Hardy and some black goo in the first trailer get what they wanted this time.

The second full trailer for Venom was released Monday night, and unlike the first one, it actually showed the title character.

When the first trailer came out in February, some fans complained because it showed star Tom Hardy only in his role as Eddie Brock, and not his alien symbiote. No worries this time. The new trailer delivers Venom in all forms, from black goo to full-on monstrous creature who really needs to see an orthodontist.

A new poster also shows both the characters.

Marvel Comics character Brock is a journalist and foe of Spider-Man, who bonds with the symbiote to become Venom. The film comes from the new Sony Marvel Universe, not the familiar Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed also star. Venom is scheduled for release on Oct. 4 in Australia and Oct. 5 in the US and UK.