Unfriended: Dark Web trailer trailer is a laptop screen nightmare

Who's watching your webcam...?

Richard Trenholm Former Movie and TV Senior Editor
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Richard Trenholm

We all spend a lot of time staring at computer screens -- but you never who's on the other side of the screen. In the trailer for new horror movie Unfriended: Dark Web, online fun become IRL terror all too quickly.  

A group of friends connect online for a harmless game of Cards Against Humanity, only for one of them to casually reveal his new laptop is actually chock full of what looks like snuff videos. The owners of the laptop want it back -- and they recruit friends who can get all too close to our hapless heroes.

Like the original 2015 Unfriended -- and a number of other recent movies, including the excellent Searching -- the story is seen entirely through computer screens. It combines elements of found footage horror with our own digital life and uses the limitations of the screen view, such as buffering and restricted viewing angles, to dial up the terror. 

Produced by horror titan Blumhouse, Unfriended: Dark Web stars Betty Gabriel from Get Out and Colin Woodell from Unsane, the chiller shot on an iPhone. Dark Web is out in July.