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Toy Story poster signed by Steve Jobs sells for $31,000

Jobs was the film's executive producer.

That's one pricey poster. 
Nate D. Sanders Auctions

Given the iPhone was a device that literally changed the world, it's easy for some of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' other achievements to be forgotten. Did you know that Jobs, acting as chairman for Pixar, was the executive producer of the original Toy Story? Someone who evidently has not forgotten that fun fact is the person who recently paid $31,250 to buy a Toy Story poster autographed by Jobs.

The 24x36-inch poster was auctioned by Nate D. Sanders Auctions, where it had a starting price of $25,000. The auctioned ended $6,1250 above that price last week.

Pixar was envisioned as a graphics technology company when Jobs bought it from LucasFilm in 1985, with the powerful Pixar Image Computer designed for use in graphically-demanding professions, like medicine and meteorology. A small team would make CGI short films to demonstrate the power of Pixar's technology. One such film was 1988's Tin Toy, which would go on to win an Oscar for Best Animated Short film and, after catching Disney's attention, lead to the production of Toy Story.

By the time Toy Story became a worldwide hit in 1995, Pixar had transitioned from a hardware and software company to a reliable producer of Hollywood blockbusters. Toy Story 4, released earlier this year, grossed $1.044 billion.