TikTokker knits terrifying, life-sized Thanos from Avengers

The hardest knits require the strongest wills.

Mark Serrels Editorial Director
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Mark Serrels

He was inevitable.

Jenna Bates

TikToker Jenna Bates, AKA woolymcwoolface has made an ungodly creation unlike anything I could have ever imagined. She has literally, from scratch, knitted a gigantic, to-scale wooly Thanos, from Avengers. 

This is incredible and I am in absolute tears. To be clear, this thing is actually 8 foot and 3 inches tall, and it looks like this:


He's a big boy.

Jenna Bates

Jenna Bates has been working on the project since May this year, and has been slowly knitting Thanos piece-by-piece since then. 

She posted the final reveal on her TikTok on September 28


The FINAL REVEAL of lifesize knitted Thanos! Thank you all so much for the support! ##knitting ##artistsoftiktok ##thanos ##avengers ##marvel ##endgame

♬ original sound - Jenna Bates

But if you scroll down Bates' TikTok page you can track through the entire project. It's absolutely fascinating. 

Either way, it's one of the greatest things ever knitted by human hands. Absolutely incredible.