This Star Wars AT-AT is actually a cosplaying Clydesdale horse

It took a jumbo-sized All Terrain Armored Transport costume to dress Moana the horse up as an iconic Star Wars vehicle.

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Amanda Kooser
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Prop maker Michael Corrie spent many hours crafting this costume for comfort.

Michael Corrie

Clydesdale horses may be famous as the oversized brand ambassadors for Budweiser, but it turns out they can also be intimidating war machines from another galaxy. 

Prop maker Michael Corrie of Mike's Tiny Shop in Martinsville, Indiana, created a massive Star Wars   AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) costume for a 2,000-pound Clydesdale named Moana. 

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Moana's owner tries out her own General Veers costume.

Michael Corrie

Moana's owner is a Star Wars fan and wanted the outfit to compete in the costume class of the World Clydesdale Show in Madison, Wisconsin, this weekend. Moana is 18 and this is set to be her last appearance at the show.

Corrie says it took about five months and 700 hours of work to complete the costume, which is mainly made from PVC pipe, foam exercise mats and tape.

"It was a long series of fittings and refittings to ensure Moana was both comfortable and safe," Corrie tells CNET. "Early on we decided that if at anytime Moana was stressed the whole thing would be abandoned." 

The prop maker says the completed costume is not much different from the harnesses the horse is used to wearing.

Corrie also made a General Veers costume for Moana's owner to wear to complete the Empire Strikes Back theme.

Corrie hopes to register the sci-fi outfit as a Guinness World Record for the largest equine Star Wars costume ever created. He is running a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the $1,000 application fee. If successful, the equine AT-AT costume would reign supreme in its own category since there's no existing record quite like it.

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