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These robots can play electrifying techno music

It sounds legit.

Robots techno music
Moritz Simon Geist makes techno music with robots.
Screenshot by Abrar Al-Heeti

Robots may be great for manual labor or providing companionship. They can also crank out some awesome beats.

Moritz Simon Geist uses sonic robots to make techno music. The small machines click and whir together to form catchy tunes. 

Geist builds his "instruments" in a workshop in Dresden, Germany, according to Wired. Some are made from everyday tools like screwdrivers, while others use 3D-printed parts and metal pieces. 

"I wanted something I could touch," he told Wired. "So I built my own instruments."

Geist's upcoming The Material Turn will feature four songs fully created with instruments he made, such as beat machines made from hard drives, according to Wired. The EP comes out in October.

"Robots and techno—I mean, come on," he told Wired. "It's machine music."