The Remake the Last Jedi crew are still really serious about fixing Star Wars, guys

This is, somehow, still a thing.

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Kelly Marie Tran and John Boyega in the original (yes, we have to say "original" now) Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


In June, the internet let out a collective chuckle when a self-proclaimed "team of producers" started up a campaign (and don't forget the Twitter account!) calling on Disney to Remake The Last Jedi.

The shadowy, elusive and unnamed person or persons (kind of like the Satoshi Nakamoto of toxic fandom) promised to do the story again and do it right this time, dammit.

We laughed, we teased and then we all realised that Disney, a company that paid 4 BILLION HUMAN DOLLARS to buy the rights to Star Wars , was definitely not going to let this happen. And then, like a million voices that suddenly cried out to tease these guys, we fell silent.

But now the RTLJ crew are back, and guys, they're still super serious about making the movie (even if they're not exactly pros on the whole concept of crowdfunding and intellectual property).

In a press release sent to CNET and posted online, the Remake The Last Jedi Producing Team reaffirmed their commitment to fixing a product they just plain didn't like.

We read it so you don't have to.

"We are a small team of producers, female and male, that only wish to see our beloved Star Wars franchise come back to life through compelling storytelling."

See! Women can be dudebros too!

"We tried to be clear that we would cover the budget for a remake of The Last Jedi if Disney shared the intellectual property."

C'mon, they don't want Disney to pay for the movie. They just want Disney to hand over the IP that it spent $4 billion on to a group of unnamed people on the internet. This-is-fine-dog-dot-gif.

"The fan pledges on our website are to draw attention to the fact that it is not a small minority of racist and misogynistic fans that were disappointed with The Last Jedi, but a majority of fans who have settled in disinterest."

Their crowdfunding site -- which allows people to pledge money to the film without actually providing payment details or any proof to back up their pledge -- is obviously totally legit. Plenty of people have pledged their unicorn money, and I'm sure none of them are trolling this enterprise in the slightest.

"Disney is in a difficult position. They've written themselves into a corner and will have to make bold decisions to get out of it."

It'll probs be alright I reckon.

"Going back and remaking The Last Jedi is the only way to save the franchise."

Would you say it's (ahem) your only hope?

"We've been right about everything so far and they're listening…"

I don't think that word means what you think it means.

"May the force be with you"

…And also with you.

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