Teen Titans Go! to the Movies credits scene tees up an epic return

Teen Titans fans might have something to celebrate.

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Mike Sorrentino

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies may be an animated superhero movie, but that doesn't mean its midcredits scene lacks the oomph typically seen in live-action movies.

So, please consider this your spoiler warning before we go further into what exactly this credits scene is, as well as its implications.


Still here? Well, if you are a longtime fan of Teen Titans, get ready.

According to ComicBook.com, the Teen Titans Go! to the Movies midcredits scene shows the original animated Teen Titans, from the 2003 animated series, and possibly sets up their revival.

The scene begins with the credits distorting into a "home movie" of the original Teen Titans series, with a portal opening in the middle of the screen revealing the team looking out from it. Robin then tells his team "We may have found another way back."

The original Teen Titans series ran for five seasons, and Teen Titans Go! features the same voice cast but with no continuity from the previous show. But actress Tara Strong, who plays Raven on both series, said in June that should the new movie do well, a Season 6 revival of the original Teen Titans could be on the way.

The Titans team is also getting a gritty, live action television series for the DC Universe streaming service, but with a profanity-spewing Nightwing on the team, it's definitely not meant for children.

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