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So '80s! 'Stranger Things' soundtrack soon out on cassette

The hit Netflix show's obsession with all things 1980s continues. Now you just have to dig up that old tape player.

Finally, the "Stranger Things" soundtrack will play in your 1980 Ford Pinto.
Lakeshore Records

"Stranger Things" is fully dedicated to the 1980s horror lineage it pays tribute to. That homage continues with the upcoming release of the series soundtrack on cassette tape. This news should have "Stranger Things" fans scurrying to find old tape players in their parents' attics or at the local thrift store. 

The Lakeshore Records release will be available only at pop-culture retailer Urban Outfitters starting on July 14. 

Music news and reviews site Pitchfork got the exclusive on the details and cover art. The cassette packaging is designed to look like a well-worn VHS cover. The tape itself is made from see-through red plastic. The synthesizer-heavy soundtrack is already available on even-more-retro vinyl.

The Netflix hit show is gearing up for a second season. A teaser trailer arrived in February hinting at a larger, more monstrous beast. The show returns on Halloween, October 31.