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Stranger Things season 3 Netflix photos are, like, totally 1985

From Eleven in a scrunchie to shirtless Billy the lifeguard, take a look at all the images from next season.

Stranger Things has a deliciously dangerous summer ahead, as a batch of photos from the new season shows. 

It's almost time to go back to the 1980s -- the summer of 1985, to be exact -- and hang out with the Hawkins, Indiana, kids and their friends in the world of Stranger Things.

Netflix has released some behind-the-scenes images as well as a batch of photos that reveal tempting tidbits about season 3. No spoilers, but Eleven, Dustin, Lucas, Mike, Will, Max and the crew look like they'll be spending time at various homes, out in a field possibly building some kind of antenna, on a bus trip eating ice cream, and ... at the emergency room? Uh-oh. 

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In happier news, they're also seen at an outdoor fair, and racking up plenty of time at Starcourt Mall, the new setting for this season's activities. We know Starcourt, where Steve and new character Robin work at an ice cream stand, comes into major play because the final episode is called Battle of Starcourt. There's no more 1980s place to fight it out than at the mall.

Stranger Things returns to Netflix on July 4. Here's what we know about it so far.