Stranger Things, Rick and Morty growing into Chia Pets

You can also cultivate a mini-garden of Predator, Golden Girls, Ghostbusters and Gremlins characters.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Rick and Morty look good in green.


Toy maker NECA, known for its action figures and collectibles, acquired the Chia Pet brand earlier this year. It has now revealed its plans for the 1980s terracotta icon and it's all about screaming Rick and Morty, hirsute Golden Girls and a somewhat creepy Predator.  

Nerdist got a first look at mock-ups of the new Chia Pets. Predator looks a lot less scary when the killer alien sports flowing locks of green. Ghostbusters blobby phantom Slimer will get to keep to his usual green color scheme with a full-body chia coat.  


Don't turn your back on these Slimer and Predator Chia Pets.


Chia had already made forays into the geek-culture world prior to NECA with a Groot figurine from Guardians of the Galaxy, a series of emojis (yes, you can grow a chia poop emoji), Deadpool and some of the superheroes from The Avengers.

Chia Pets work by smearing chia seeds onto the terracotta surface and then watering them until they grow into a green carpet. It looks like the Dustin figurine from Stranger Things will be a perfect use of the greenery. Maybe we'll also get an Eleven someday, so we can give her a chia wig.

NECA has not yet announced a release date for the new Chia Pets.