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'Stranger Things' teaser conspires with Gremlins, New Coke

A Netflix video explores the hazy connections between the events of "Stranger Things," New Coke, the 1984 Olympics and mermaids.

Do you ever wonder if everything is just part of some big global conspiracy? An unnamed narrator in a new teaser video for Netflix's next season of "Stranger Things" is asking some big questions connected to the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. 

We're heading toward the horror hit's season 2 debut later this month. There are a lot of mysteries left over from the show's first season and its storyline centering on the disappearance of Will Byers. The video draws lines between that event and a "series of strange happenings across the globe," including the 1984 Olympic Games, New Coke and sunspots. It then veers into even odder territory with mentions of Gremlins, ghosts, mermaids and cyborgs.

In a scoop last year, The Hollywood Reporter said actor and comedian Brett Gelman signed on for season 2 for the role of Murray Bauman, a journalist-turned-conspiracy-theorist who shows up to conduct an investigation in Hawkins.

The video, released Wednesday, is part of a marketing onslaught that has included everything from tributes to classic horror movie posters to Google augmented reality stickers to a free mobile video game that evokes classic arcade titles. "Stranger Things" returns to Netflix on Oct. 27.