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Stranger Things: How to Call Surfer Boy Pizza, and Three Other Show Numbers

You can call Argyle at Surfer Boy Pizza, Murray at home, the Nina Project and Yuri's Fish and Fly.

Eleven, Will, Mike, Jonathan and Argyle, in front of the Surfer Boy Pizza van
The Stranger Things crew made friends with Surfer Boy employee Argyle (played by Eduardo Franco, far right) this season.

Surfer Boy Pizza was an important part of Stranger Things' fourth season. Jonathan's new California pal, Argyle (Eduardo Franco), helped the Hawkins crew in numerous ways -- including commandeering hundreds of pounds of salt to help Eleven re-create a sensory deprivation tank.

But all you need is your phone to reach out to Surfer Boy Pizza on your own, even if it's not a real restaurant. Just call the phone number written on the side of Argyle's pizza van. That number is 805-45-PIZZA, or 805-457-4992. (805 is a real California area code.)

Mike and Eleven hold hands at Surfer Boy Pizza

Mike and Eleven hold hands at Surfer Boy Pizza.


When I called, Argyle talked to me briefly, then put me "on hold," but I could still hear him describing another customer's pizza order. The customer apparently wanted their pizza to be a rainbow, as Argyle described them wanting a "super-yellow" crust, red sauce up to the edge of the pizza, four chunks of white mozzarella, three bright orange habanero peppers, two green pepper slices and one piece of blue cheese. He also called me "brochacho" numerous times, and offers the opinion that "blue cheese is damn near mold."

I'm not sure if there's some deep meaning to the rainbow colored ingredients, or to the fact that the ingredients count down: four, three, two, one. But it's an entertaining call, and fun to hear Argyle in his pizza-order-taking element.

If you want a "real" Surfer Boy pizza, Walmart is actually selling frozen pizza with the Surfer Boy box and logo. Or if you'd rather just wear a Surfer Boy Pizza shirt, I spotted them at Hot Topic.

But Surfer Boy Pizza isn't the only Stranger Things number you can call. There are (at least) three more.

Nina Project

You can call the Nina Project at 202-968-6161. Remember, "Nina" was the name of the isolation tank used by Eleven in the fourth season. Spoiler: This is probably the most boring of the four calls, as you just get a lot of typing and modem noises. But it makes sense in show context, since Mike calls it from a payphone and hears the same noises, with Jonathan figuring out they've reached a computer.

Yuri's Fish & Fly

Russian peanut butter smuggler Yuri wasn't exactly a good friend to our heroes for much of season four. But you can call him at 907-206-7700 and hear him invite you to book a trip with him. (Spoiler: Don't do it!)

Murray's house

And last but not least, you can call Hopper's Russian-speaking pal, Murray Bauman, at 618-625-8313. We've written about this number before, and Murray only wants to talk to his mom or Joyce, but hie message is still entertaining.

Whether you call any of the numbers or not, it's good to know that Argyle survived the dangerous fourth season of Stranger Things, and we can all hope he'll have another spicy role in the fifth and final season, whenever that comes out. Party on, brochachos.