Stranger Things: Duffer Brothers Bring the Upside Down to MasterClass

You can become a student of their storytelling secrets.

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Ross and Matt Duffer stand side by side

Ross Duffer and Matt Duffer will share their Stranger Things wisdom in a new course.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Ahead of the Stranger Things 4 volume 2 premiere on July 1, creators Matt and Ross Duffer have another surprise for fans. The duo launched a course on MasterClass where they teach storytelling and screenwriting. Now household names for creating the pop culture juggernaut, the brothers have classes that sit alongside those of Ron Howard, Shonda Rhimes, Martin Scorsese and Judy Blume. 

MasterClass posted a series of cryptic messages on its social media accounts that feature the Duffer Brothers, images of Vecna, Dungeons & Dragons illustrations, and bloody props. Marked with a date stamp, one clip hinted that the course would go live on June 30. It's officially here.

Known for weaving '80s nostalgia and D&D lore into the Stranger Things storylines, the Duffers introduced the series in 2016. They famously were rejected more than 15 times before Netflix picked up the show. Though the brothers have earned legions of fans because of Stranger Things, they have experience writing and producing other projects as well. MasterClass members will get a taste of their expertise from Stranger Things and more. 

According to the MasterClass press release, the course will provide a peek at never-revealed brainstorming notes and plotlines for Stranger Things, world building tips, and characters' story arcs. The brothers showcase their Netflix presentation and also share advice on how to pitch a series. Moreover, there's an exercise in crafting a logline for a hypothetical spinoff show starring Steve and Dustin. Keep in mind it's just for pretend.

A typical MasterClass consists of 15 to 20 video lessons from its celebrity instructor(s). Categories include entertainment, writing, food, business, music and wellness, with teachers such as Alicia Keys, Gordon Ramsay, Steph Curry and Anna Wintour. Because it's online, you can watch and learn at your own pace, and rewatch videos if you want. If you're interested in signing up for the platform thanks to the Duffer Brothers, it costs $180 per year and provides access to all 150-plus classes on MasterClass.