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Netflix offers 'Stranger Things' town as Amazon HQ2 location

C'mon, Jeff Bezos! Choose Hawkins, Indiana! We want daily Prime deals on Eggos and possessed Christmas lights.

Hey, did this Demogorgon come with a gift receipt?

On Thursday, Amazon announced the 20 cities that are finalists in its search for a second headquarters. But maybe another city should be in the running.

Streaming service Netflix, home of the hit show "Stranger Things," (and a competitor of Amazon Video) tweeted that the Seattle-based company should consider the show's fictional hometown of Hawkins, Indiana. The company was even willing to sweeten the deal with a bribe of a whopping $11, obviously in honor of Millie Bobby Brown's character, Eleven. Also, they delivered a "waffling" joke, marking Eleven's favorite food, Eggos.

Now come on, forget real-world contenders such as Boston, Denver, and D.C., Hawkins is a brilliant choice. 

Instead of the free bananas Amazon hands out daily in Seattle ("there's always money in the banana stand..."), a Hawkins location could hand out Eggos. The Demogorgons could be put to work as package-delivery drivers. Amazon's servers could draw their power from the Department of Energy that runs Hawkins National Laboratory

Possessed Christmas lights, Snack Pack pudding sold by the case and landline telephones that overheat when you're talking to your missing son could be Amazon Deals of the Day. The Upside Down looks to have plenty of warehouse space, plus maybe that ever-present stretchy goo could be used in place of bubble wrap. Cheap, and ecologically sound!

Fans were in favor of the Hawkins move.

Best of all, maybe famously speedy Amazon Prime can deliver the third season of "Stranger Things" in just two days, instead of making fans wait until 2019.

Amazon is expected to make its decision later this year.