Star Wars: The Clone Wars gets a 10-year anniversary Comic-Con panel

The Star Wars animated series is getting a big birthday celebration.

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Mike Sorrentino

The 10th anniversary of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is being celebrated at SDCC.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a San Diego Comic-Con panel that will give a look back at the show.

StarWars.com announced the panel Tuesday, revealing that supervising director Dave Filoni will appear alongside special guests on Thursday, July 19 at 11:45 a.m. PT. The Clone Wars debuted in 2008 as an animated theatrical film before running for six seasons as a television show, ending after Disney purchased Lucasfilm for $4 billion in 2012. The show was also the last Star Wars expansion that was initially spearheaded by George Lucas before Disney took over.

While The Clone Wars series came to a somewhat abrupt end, the show carried into Disney's Star Wars continuity and Filoni produced the just-wrapped Star Wars Rebels show. Filoni is also working on the upcoming Star Wars Resistance animated series, due out later this year.

And The Clone Wars' stories still have a big affect on the Star Wars movies and current television shows, most recently with a special cameo in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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