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'Star Wars' Outerwear Lets You Match Rebels, Empire, Mandalorians and Bad Batch Styles

The Heroes & Villains line has gloves, and scarf and beanie sets inspired by the factions seen in a galaxy far, far away.

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Sean Keane
A man poses in Star Wars' Rebel Alliance-themed gloves and a scarf in a field

Heroes & Villains Rebel Alliance outerwear gives you an X-Wing pilot look.

Lucasfilm/Heroes & Villains

Lucasfilm wants you to be ready for that trip to Hoth with a new selection of Star Wars outerwear accessories from Heroes & Villains available Tuesday, CNET can exclusively reveal. It's part of the studio's "Bring Home the Galaxy" campaign, which showcases new merchandise each Tuesday as the holiday season approaches.

The new Heroes & Villains clothes are particularly appropriate for winter, since they include $38 pairs of gloves and $52 scarf/beanie sets based on the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Warriors of Mandalore and Bad Batch. 

Each set ties into the factions seen in a current or upcoming Disney Plus show. Andor (which comes out each Wednesday) focuses on the origins of the Rebel Alliance and the growing power of the Empire. The Mandalorian season 3 is scheduled to start in February. And season 2 of the CGI animated series The Bad Batch begins Jan. 4.

The outerwear pays homage to some of the colors associated with each group -- Empire gray, Rebel Alliance orange, Mandalorian green and Bad Batch black and red -- along with their logos.

The gloves include fully lined 3M Thinsulate, waterproof shell, full grip palm, reflective accents, drying loop and ski clips, Lucasfilm noted. Each knit scarf features prominent artwork and comes with a matching beanie. Beyond the outerwear, Heroes & Villains also has a bunch of Star Wars-themed clothing for every other season.