'Last Jedi' lightsaber fight even more epic in 16-bit style

Take a retro video game trip into the Star Wars universe with a 16-bit version of a crucial lightsaber battle from "The Last Jedi."

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Spoiler alert: This video reveals details from "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

Blood-red ground. Two opposing sides of the Force. Family connections. A battle for the ages. "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" featured a lightsaber battle that will go down as one of the franchise's most pivotal sword fights. You can now relive that scene as if it were a Super Nintendo game.

YouTube user Mr Sunday Movies posted "Luke Skywalker vs. Kylo Ren 16 Bit" to start the new year. It's the work of animator John Stratman, who also delivered a fabulous 8-bit "Last Jedi" game parody early in 2017.

The 16-bit fight scene goes on for nearly five minutes and offers a wonderfully faithful adaptation of the sequence from the movie. Somehow the First Order walkers look even more ominous when rendered in retro video game style. The pitch-perfect soundtrack and audio effects bring it all home.

In the attention-to-detail department, you will note how Skywalker doesn't leave any red footprints behind, but Kylo Ren does.

Watching this video will make you long for a 16-bit "Last Jedi" video game, but we'll have to content ourselves with the animation unless someone pulls a "Stranger Things" move and creates a retro video game to go with the movie. We can dream.

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