Star Trek-themed Captain's Holiday beer materializes nationwide

The drink inspired by Captain Picard's strange vacation may be on draft in a bar in your sector.

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Mike Sorrentino

Captain Picard's strange vacation inspired this Star Trek-themed beer.

Shmaltz Brewing Company

A beer themed after Captain Picard's ill-fated attempt to take a vacation on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" is getting a nationwide release in the US.

Captain's Holiday, an ale from the Shmaltz Brewing Company, takes its theme from the season 3 episode of the same name, in which Picard, played by Patrick Stewart, has his shore leave interrupted when he buys a statue called a Horga'hn. Unbeknownst to him, displaying the statue on the planet Risa is implied by the local culture to mean the owner is seeking "Jamaharon" -- a ritual implied to be of a sexual nature.

The beer itself is described by Shmaltz as having lemon, lime and orange citrus flavors. It is being sold in four-packs in stores across 35 states and on draft at select bars.

Shmaltz makes a range of Star Trek-themed beers, with its Symbiosis drink launched at San Diego Comic-Con in 2017. Last year at Comic-Con we sampled its ale celebrating Star Trek's 50th anniversary, named The Trouble With Tribbles.

(Full disclosure: Shmaltz Brewing produces the beer under license from CBS, CNET's parent company.)

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