Star Trek: Lower Decks trailer takes you to the 'funnest frontier'

Hey, someone's got to clean the holodeck.

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Star Trek: Lower Decks
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Star Trek: Lower Decks

Beam aboard the USS Cerritos from August 6.

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Meet the new crew that's boldly going nowhere. Here's the trailer for Star Trek: Lower Decks, the first animated comedy series set in the Trek universe -- and it's a long way from the starship Enterprise.

This latest Star Trek show focuses on the junior support crew aboard an insignificant Starfleet starship, the USS Cerritos. It premieres August 6 on CBS All Access, with new episodes beaming down every Thursday. (Disclosure: CNET is part of ViacomCBS.)

Animated by the production company behind Big Mouth, Lower Decks is commanded by Mike McMahan, Emmy-winning writer and producer of Rick and Morty and Hulu's Solar Opposites. Lower Decks clearly shares the irreverent sci-fi streak of those shows, not to mention the same love of gloopy alien splatter.

Lower Decks isn't the first cartoon to beam down to your screens. We've already seen Captain Kirk and crew in animated action in the fondly remembered Animated Series in the early 1970s.

More recently, Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard are available to stream now on CBS All Access, or Netflix and Amazon outside the US. 

They'll be joined at some point by a series spotlighting Starfleet's black ops team Section 31, and a show following Mr Spock's early days aboard the Enterprise in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. There's also word of another cartoon coming to Nickelodeon.

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