Star Trek: Discovery is now watchable offline on Blu-ray, DVD

The prequel is coming to the US, Canada, UK and Australia this fall.

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The Blu-ray and DVD of Star Trek : Discovery season 1 is now available in stores, beginning with the US and Canada.

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The first season of Discovery is available as a limited edition in a premium metal case in the US and Canada starting Tuesday and the UK starting Nov. 19. Australian fans can get the steelbook starting Nov. 28. After the show's original run on subscription service CBS All Access in North America and through Netflix elsewhere, this is the first chance for those who haven't streamed the show to catch the Star Trek prequel. (Disclosure: CNET is owned by CBS.)

The four-disc Blu-ray and DVD sets feature all 15 episodes of the first season, plus deleted scenes and documentary featurettes:

  • Discovering Discovery: The concepts and casting of Star Trek: Discovery: Interviews with producers, writers and stars of Star Trek: Discovery about the debut season.­­
  • Star Trek theme: A discussion with executive producer Alex Kurtzman and composer Jeff Russo about creating the Discovery theme and score for the show.
  • Creature comforts: A behind-the-scenes look at the makeup and prosthetics department on Star Trek: Discovery, as they modernize well-known Star Trek species, such as the Klingons, Vulcans and Andorians, and bring to life a new species, the Kelpiens.
  • Designing Discovery: Insight into the production design department led by Tamara Deverell as the team creates the planets, the world within those worlds and the starships to travel among them.
  • Creating space: An exploration of how the VFX team, headed by Jason Zimmerman, creates the reality of space, planets and starships.
  • Prop me up: Led by propmaster Mario Moreira, this is a look at Discovery props, with an inside view of the design process from inception to set.
  • Feeding frenzy: A look at the on-set food stylist who creates a galaxy of cuisine.
  • A female touch: With strong female producers and writers off-screen and powerful female characters on-screen, Discovery exemplifies the groundbreaking inclusionary theme first put forth in the original series. 
  • Dress for success: Costume designer Gersha Phillips and her team create an array of clothing, uniforms and armor for every kind of species in the galaxy.
  • Star Trek: Discovery: The voyage of season 1: A look at the adventures and plot twists encountered in the first season by the crew of the Discovery.

Discovery season 2 is set to arrive in 2019, introducing Ethan Peck as a new Spock. Look out also for a new series following the continued adventures of Next Generation star Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard.

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First published Aug. 24, 2018 at 3:55 a.m. PT.
Update Nov. 13: Adds US release date.