Spotify's Wrapped playlist brings back your favorite songs of 2018

Relisten to your summer anthem or your fave album that dropped at the beginning of the year.

Gordon Gottsegen CNET contributor
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Gordon Gottsegen

The Wrapped playlist is Spotify's little holiday gift for you.


2018 is almost over, and Spotify likes to celebrate another year accomplished by releasing its annual Spotify Wrapped playlist.

Wrapped is a personal playlist with 100 of the top tracks you were listening to this year. That means your playlist is most likely one-of-a-kind, and curated based on your taste (or what Spotify thinks you like).

There are a few ways to find your Wrapped playlist:

  • Go to the Spotify Wrapped website and log into your account
  • Open up the Spotify desktop app, scroll down to "Genre & Moods" and select "Wrapped"
  • Launch the Spotify mobile app and find it under the "Made For..." section at the top

Spotify also has a "Tastebreakers" playlist to accompany the Wrapped one. Tastebreakers includes 50 songs that Spotify thinks you'll like from genres and artists you don't normally listen to.

The Wrapped playlist is a fun little trip down memory lane, but it can also be a reminder of some of the more embarrassing stuff you've been listening to. (Thanks for reminding me how much emo music I listen to, Spotify.)

People are taking to Twitter to share their Wrapped stats for better or for worse.


Some people really like K-Pop.