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Spotify launches new charts site with expanded popularity rankings

You can find the most popular songs and artists globally, in your country, in your city or in your favorite genre, plus detailed stats like streaks and peak position.

A collage of different cards showing the top songs in different genres on Spotity.
Spotify's expanded charts will rank the most popular songs on the service by genre, country, city, artist and more. 

Spotify is launching new popularity charts that'll rank the top songs on its music streaming service, broken down by categories like genre, country, city and artist.

The widened Spotify charts, which both artists and listeners can view, will open the aperture on what's streamed most on the planet's biggest source for streaming tunes, enhancing everyone's touch on the globe's musical pulse. 

The new Spotify charts homepage will have weekly Top 50 rankings for global songs, albums and artists published for anyone to see. By logging in to the site with a Spotify account (even free accounts), people can unlock deeper access to more charts, including top 200 global songs, albums and artists charts; detailed stats like streaks, peak position and song credits; and new genre, city and local pulse charts.

Spotify is the world's biggest subscription music service by subscribers, predicting it will cross 400 million by the end of the year. 

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