Spotify seeks hardware pro, sparks smart speaker speculation

The streaming service is looking for its next smash hit.

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Richard Trenholm
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The next big hit for Spotify ? Hardware, maybe.

The Swedish streaming service is advertising a vacancy listed as, "Operations Manager - Hardware Product". The successful applicant will "contribute in the creation of innovative Spotify experiences via connected hardware", managing distribution, logistics and customer service for unnamed physical products.

Last year, a different job posting hinted at a Spotify wearable of some kind.

Any music service needs speakers or headphones to deliver their service into your ears, so Spotify currently uses a system called Spotify Connect to link up with audio hardware of all kinds. If Spotify were to make its own hardware -- earbuds or a smart speaker system don't seem like too much of a stretch -- it could claim some of the money currently made by other companies using the Spotify brand to sell products.

Spotify declined to comment on this news.

Could we see Spotify build a rival to the Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod , or even the Apple EarPods? Somewhere there's a hardware expert polishing their resume who may have the answer.