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Spider-Man: Far From Home poster goof unleashes Samuel L. Jackson's Fury

The actor points out Sony has no idea which eye Nick Fury lost.

Quick: Do you remember which eye Nick Fury, as played by Samuel L. Jackson, covers with a patch in the movies? (It's his left. Wait, or is it his right? No, left, we're pretty sure.) Late Sunday, Jackson shared on Instagram an image posted to Reddit  that shows two photos of Fury with different eyes covered. The images are promoting the new Spider-Man: Far From Home movie, and it looks like a graphic designer decided to flip one of the images.

In true Jackson form, he captioned the photo with some characteristic swearing, writing, "Uhhhhhhh, What In The Actual FUCK IS GOING ON HERE???!!!" He hashtagged the image, #headsgonroll#lefteyemuthafukkah

The eyes have it in the comments, however. "Let's have a moment of silence for the intern that just lost their job," one commenter wrote. 

Others had ideas on how the goof happened, ranging from the likely ("Someone got lazy and mirrored the image") to the fanciful -- "The eye switch represents the Multiverse (parallel worlds)."

In the comics, Fury originally wore the eyepatch due to a World War II injury, but in the recent Captain Marvel film, a certain Flerken named Goose gave it a pretty bad scratch. 

Originally posted June 24, 8:39 a.m. PT.