Sphero's new Mini Activity Kit lets you build a robot obstacle course

It's designed to teach kids how to code, but it's OK if you want to play with it too.

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Shelby Brown

Sphero's new activity kit says it'll make learning coding easier. 


Sphero, a robotics and STEM-based learning company, on Friday unveiled an activity kit that aims to make coding fun for kids. The Mini Activity Kit, which goes on sale Oct. 2 for $79.99, includes one of Sphero's mini robotic balls and accessories that can be assembled into mazes, tunnels and more. Sphero said it also comes with 15 different activity cards that have step-by-step instructions for different play experiences.

"Mini Activity Kit takes our popular Mini robot a step further by offering an affordable at-home learning experience that mirrors guided lessons taught in schools," said Sphero CEO Paul Berberian in a release. "We wanted to give kids and their parents even more tools to create, explore and invent."

The mini robot's battery is equipped for 45 minutes of playtime and it packs in a gyroscope, accelerometer and LED lights. The company said a variety of mini games, different drive modes and the ability to change the LED light colors are available in the Sphero Play app. Kids will also be able to try out the upcoming code-based Block Drive mode, available Sept. 16, which is meant to serve as a friendly introduction to basic robot coding

While playing with the Sphero Mini Activity Kit, players start by drawing paths and then transition into basic scratch blocks. Sphero says eventually they'll have the ability to write their own JavaScript text programs using actions, controls, operators and more.

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