Share the plot of your favorite movie in five words takes over Twitter

Remember when Twitter was fun?

Alexandra Able Senior Social Media Producer
2 min read

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences did the impossible, bringing a reprieve to your Twitter feed with a series of five words. 

The Academy kicked things off on Tuesday with a tweet prompting people to share the plot of their favorite movie in five words. Since then, countless Twitter feeds have been filled with creative, pithy posts. 

Here are some of our favorites, with more to come as the trend continues providing relief from the hard news hitting your feed today

The Governator gets how to play this game. And he really gets at the heart of his own movies.  

This one could be hard to remember, but think of the initial's SL.... Stuart Little

Oh Seabiscuit, the racehorse that stole our hearts.

Ok, if you don't know this one, I don't think I can help you. 

Honestly, this is a really good wrap up of what The Little Mermaid is all about. Plus some cute fish.  

A colleague said that he didn't get this one. Patches O'Houlihan is rolling over in his grave. And White Goodman has won. 

Netflix gets +10 for creativity and spacing. And for representing a truly underrated movie, Air bud. 

That it did. That. It. Did. 

It's an unconventional way to think about Back to the Future, but he's not wrong?  ̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄

Meryl Streep is a treasure, even when she's yelling about a dingo and a baby. 

Again, Meryl Streep is a treasure and can do no wrong. Also, Devil Wears Prada is the best movie out there.  

Stay tuned for more, I have high hopes for this tweet. 

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