Ryan Reynolds as James Bond? Getting to the bottom of those rumors

Just call him "The Free Guy Who Loved Me."

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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Gael Fashingbauer Cooper

Ryan Reynolds, seen here in Free Guy, joked about becoming James Bond.

20th Century Studios

Daniel Craig is done being James Bond after five films, so it's time for some new blood. Why not actor Ryan Reynolds, of Deadpool and Free Guy fame? OK, OK, so the comedic American actor, 45, isn't exactly ready to fill the British super-spy's dinner jacket, but we can dream -- and so can he. In a recent interview with the London Times, Reynolds floated the possibility, got fans all excited, then crushed their hopes.

"I hear they're looking for a new Bond," Reynolds said in the interview. "Could you accept a Canadian sipping gin and tonic instead of a martini? If so, I'm interested."

Reynolds would certainly have put a lively and different spin on 007, but in case it's not obvious, he was joking.

"I promise you I was not even remotely serious here," Reynolds tweeted on Friday.

But some fans still have hopes.

"CSIS Agent RR Kevin, a happy go lucky, gin sipping, football fan, who is on a secret mission to investigate the cabal of evil telecom monopolies in Canada," wrote one Twitter user. "Make it happen Ryan."

Reynolds is currently starring as an art thief in the Netflix film Red Notice, along with Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Gal Gadot.

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