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Bring yourselves back online, because HBO's Westworld season two is shooting from the hip once again this Sunday. To dive into the mind-bending mysteries of the show, make sure to visit GameSpot Universe every Monday for the ultimate guide through the maze's twists and turns.

Join superfans Lucy James and Tamoor Hussain as they dissect the latest episodes, over-analysing any theme, unscrambling every timeline and dissecting each Host's loops to bring you the most in-depth Westworld coverage out there. No stone is left unturned and no subtle gesture ignored as we go through each episode with a meticulousness that Robert Ford would be proud of.

Viewers of GameSpot of Thrones will be familiar with the team's scene-by-scene approach to each new episode, breaking down every key interaction between characters and exploring why it's important. On top of that we'll no doubt be theorising extensively about where The Door could be leading.

You can catch the breakdowns every Monday at youtube.com/gamespotuniverse. They'll be available shortly after each episode airs in the US on HBO, Sky Atlantic or Now TV in the UK and Fox in Australia.

If you want the latest news and speculation even quicker on the draw, we deliver more violent delights and violent ends straight to your inbox once a week -- sign up for our weekly Westworld newsletter for more on the show.

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If you're as excited for the start of season two as we are, but you've forgotten all the key moments from the first season, you can prepare for its debut with this in-depth Westworld Season One recap:

Or if you can't wait to delve into the fan theories surrounding the show, check out five of the best already messing with our heads:

Westworld season two starts on Sunday April 22. Is Ford alive? What is Delos' endgame? And will the Hosts successfully rise up against the humans? Find out every Monday on GameSpot Universe. Remember to subscribe so you don't miss an episode, and we'll see you in the park.

CNET will have a weekly show as well! Stay tuned for more info.